About Wieland & Company, Inc., CPAs

Wieland & Co.Wieland & Company, Inc. is an Illinois licensed CPA firm founded by Paul H. Wieland in May 1995.  Paul began in public accounting in 1977 in the audit department of an international auditing and accounting firm and has focused on providing audit services his entire career.   In addition to auditing, the firm initially offered  most services customarily provided by local CPA practices such as income tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services.  In 2004, Paul decided to sell all the other portions of the practice and concentrate solely on the audit practice in which he had focused his entire career.   Initially the firm’s audit client base was multi-family housing and nonprofit organizations, but has expanded to include public housing authorities, cooperatives and homeowner/condominium associations.

Specialized Services

By only offering auditing services, and tax services to its audit clients, Wieland & Company, Inc. is unlike most other firms you will encounter.  By focusing on auditing in a few select industries, we are able to devote 100% of our efforts and resources in assuring that our clients receive the highest level of quality auditing services available.   The firm performs over 80 audits each year.  Our practice includes a heavy emphasis on HUD programs, Uniform Guidance audits, Low Income Housing Tax Credit entities and nonprofit organizations.

Licensing and Peer Reviews

We place the utmost emphasis on the quality of our practice and services.  Our firm has been registered in the peer review program its entire existence and has received an unqualified (i.e., “clean”) opinion in every review we have had.  The firm and its members are properly licensed to practice public accounting in the State of Illinois  and fulfills all qualifications required to perform governmental audits.

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Our Process

Our approach to auditing is to make it as convenient and trouble-free for our client and its personnel as possible.  We know we are in a service business and we approach our work in that fashion.

We are always available throughout the year, and not just at audit time, to help lend our clients with any assistance they may need.  Our goal is to develop close working relationships with our clients for years to come and help resolve issues as they arise.

Our Team

We believe that accounting is a customer service business and we work hard to ensure that our clients receive the very best service. To learn more about the Wieland Team and what led Paul Wieland to launch this family run business please check out our team page.

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