Common Interest Realty Associations (CIRAs)

Audits for Common Interest Realty Associations Common Interest Realty Associations (CIRAs) include condominium and homeowner associations, cooperatives and similar organizations.  These organizations have unique financial reporting requirements and tax compliance concerns.  Their complexities and unique nature require that the CPA firm have extensive experience in dealing with CIRAs in their practice.   Wieland & Company, Inc. has developed enormous experience through years of working with this industry.  We can offer your organization close hands-on knowledge and personal service at very reasonable fees.  Our experience includes:

* Housing cooperatives

* Condominium, townhome and homeowner associations

* Financial statement audits, reviews and compilations

* Income tax preparation unique to CIRAs, including Federal forms 1120-c, 1120-h, and regular 1120-c

* Budgeting

* Policies and procedures